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JILS produces three FWD systems, all of which can be custom designed to meet special requirements.

There are several back calculation programs available that can be used to evaluate pavement and foundation structures from the data produced by the JILS FWD, but the DAPST program is strongly recommended.
The fully customizable JILS-20 FWD is mounted on a double axle trailer that may be towed by a van, a pickup truck, or a similar vehicle. Like the JILS-20C, only one person is needed for operation, and using the connecting PC cable, the driver can fully operate the FWDfrom his or her seat in the vehicle.

When it comes to testing pavements such as airfields or thick highway pavements, a regular FWD may not be enough. This is why JILS introduced the JILS-20HF FWD, a high force FWD mounted on a two-axle trailer designed specifically for these types of situations where you need a greater...

The JILS-20T-FWD is a truck (Ford F350 XLT or equivalent) mounted FWD, which is operated from the driver seat in the vehicle. The data from the tests are displayed on a cab-mounted laptop computer and recorded for future analysis.

Add GPR to any JILS
In order to provide the full picture of a road structure, it is essential to complement FWD information with existing asphalt thickness. Asphalt thickness can not be determined by the FWD system alone and is typically obtained by either assuming that either the thickness is constant or by sporadic coring. Assumptions are inaccurate, and not only is coring destructive to the pavement and dangerous because it requires traffic control and personnel, but a coring crew may also cost $2,000 per day.