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Our Story

Foundation Mechanics began as a subsidiary of Wyle Laboratories, a leader in testing and in the design of testing systems in aerospace engineering and nuclear testing for nearly 50 years. Foundation Mechanics branched off to become independently owned since 1969.

FMI, now known and marketed as JILS (Johnson Impulse Loading Systems), provides pavement consulting testing and engineering services as well as supporting products. Bill Johnson was the original innovator and we continue to excel and offer our JILS Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD) and HWD’s for state, county, and city departments, private agencies, medical and aerospace applications, and numerous other entities world-wide.

President and Owner Gary Sanati, is at JILS full time in a leadership and business development capacity, bringing deep industry knowledge and spearheading innovation to the forefront JILS has seen a significant boom in growth and footprint, both domestically and internationally. Our consulting side of our business, both on our own products as well as competitive products, has grown immensely in the past few years.

In addition to being SMEs on testing and analysis through our own products, we are able to work seamlessly with competitor products. At the core, JILS provides analysis, consulting and testing services - as well as products - for domestic and international entities. We have been tapped by the likes of NASA, small developing countries, and local counties. These are but a few examples of the prestigious and noteworthy projects we have been (and continue to be) honored to be part of.

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