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FWD & HWD Equipment

We ship American-made Heavy Weight Deflectometers and Falling Weight Deflectometers across the globe, from California to you. Place your FWD & HWD order now.

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The SMARTCAL FWD Sensor Calibration and PAVESim dynamic simulation tools give you better road longevity data. Call our California office to learn more.

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Ground Penetrating Radar

We combine Ground Penetrating Radar with Falling Weight Deflectometers to record real-time layer thickness data. Call our California office to place an order.

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Analysis Software

Our company offers several generations of FWD upgrades, giving your organization greater choice in gathering road pavement data. Call us for Analysis Software.

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From GPS integration to laptop mobile mounts, our team of experts can apply several add-ons to our FWDs for customized data collection. Call to learn more.

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