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Above the Ground Vibration Table: Made in California, Shipped Globally

Concrete structures will need to stand up to everyday vibration, from foot traffic to passing vehicles. JILS tests concrete across the globe through our vibration table products made in California. We help construction work in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South America, and Europe stand up to the rigors of regular use.

Our above the ground vibration tables accurately test the fatigue rates of your concrete, confirming whether your mixtures will be ready for use in buildings and walkways. JILS is committed to providing the most accurate results in a most accessible manner. Not only will our vibration tables provide results that you can rely on, but we design our tables to work in any standard location within any of the markets we serve. We can ship you a vibration table for in-house use, or we can implement vibration testing as part of our greater materials testing services.

Test the Bearing Capacity of Your Materials without Error

Will your construction withstand the rigors of daily use? Don’t let there be any room for doubt or error. Instead, trust your materials testing to JILS! With exceptional testing, analysis, and design services offered globally, we can all but guarantee that your concrete will meet your country’s stress, fatigue, and bearing capacity guidelines.

JILS is only a phone call away from helping you test your concrete. Contact us today and take advantage of our worldwide concrete testing and rehabilitation services. We are happy to help you right away.

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