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Falling Weight Deflectometer from California to You

JILS—based in California and operating across the globe—offers top-of-the-line falling weight deflectometers. We are a BBB-certified business with more than 50 years’ experience providing pavement consulting testing, engineering services, and the products to support these efforts. Our award-winning products, including the JILS-20-FWD, are American-made and provide cutting-edge technology across the board. We provide and operate falling weight deflectometers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South America, and Europe.

The JILS-20-FWD is trailer-mounted and tested for a variety of conditions. It collects up to three drops of data in 13 seconds or less. All data taken by the JILS-20-FWD is recorded for future analysis by back calculation programs or for JILS' own testing. If you need more reasons why the JILS-20-FWD is the best in the business, here are just a few:

  • Our on-board engine with direct drive hydraulics is faster and more reliable than a DC motor.
  • SMART sensor measures mass height to get force control within a 1-2% margin.
  • Includes monitoring of the compression of the buffers at each test and their performance.
  • The only company that can do "bounce type testing" to get 3 forces with 1 drop. This lowers test time to less than 8 seconds per location.
  • Utilizes algorithms used by the elite aerospace and control systems staff.

Our loading pulse waveform meets ASTM standards for FWDs and our automatic load sensing can range from 0 to 300 KN (67,000 pounds) with a 1% +/- 0.07kN (15 pounds) accuracy margin.

JILS Instrumentation Specifications:

  • Loading Pulse: The JILS uses a four-part mass buffer loading system to provide a smooth sine wave of ½ period duration. The duration may be varied from: 0.020-0.034 seconds (20-34ms). The waveform is very smooth and meets ASTM Standards for Falling Weight Deflectometers.
  • Force Measurement (Automatic Load Sensing): The JILS system uses a precision, fatigue rated, strain gauge force transducer to measure the loading force. Also, our system automatically adjusts to user required pavement loading via our adaptive control algorithm.
    • Accuracy: 1% +/- 0.07kN (15 pounds)
    • Range: 0 to 300 KN (67,000 pounds)
    • Material: Stainless steel
  • Displacement Measurement (9 channels): The JILS uses nine digital grade velocity transducers to measure the deflection response of the test surface. The sensors are positioned in a bar for automatic placement at user selected locations during testing. The bar will permit placement of two sensors aft and one sensor to either side of the loading plate in addition to all sensors forward of the loading plate. Each sensor is dynamically calibrated and supplied with an individual data file. Nine sensors will be included.
    • Accuracy: 2% +/- 1 micron (0.04 mils)
    • Range: 0 to 2032 microns (80 mils)
  • Temperature Measurement (Pavement): A non-contact, infrared, device is an available option for measurement of the pavement surface temperature. This data is recorded automatically into the data file.
    • Accuracy: +/- 2% rdg
    • Range: -18 C to 400°C (0 to 750°F)
  • Temperature Measurement (Ambient): A thermocouple device is used for measurement of the ambient air temperature. This data is recorded automatically into the data file.
    • Accuracy: +/- 2% rdg
    • Range: -18 C to 80°C (0 to 140°F)
  • Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI): JILS included the DMI in the base price. This allows automatic recording of distances during testing. The DMI data is automatically written to the test data file. We use the Nu-metrics nitestar NS 60 with RS232 protocol.
  • Video Monitoring System: For vehicle positioning and joint testing, we include a color video monitoring system in the base price. A flip down video monitor and color video camera are mounted for test location monitoring and tow vehicle positioning.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) (Option): As an option, the FWD can automatically collect and record GPS data into the test data file during testing. Two various types of GPS units are available. The sub-meter accurate GPS or the 3-meter accurate model are made by Trimble.

Award-Winning Heavy Weight Deflectometer

JILS also offers ground-breaking computer software with our heavy weight deflectometer and FWD technologies. The JILS JTEST software offers a unique procedure for the capture and graphic display of the time history plots for the loading force and each of the seven surface displacements. The display is presented on the computer screen within one second of the application of the load pulse. This enables the operator to graphically review the data prior to moving to the next location.

For further calibration, JILS also offers the Foundation Mechanics, Inc. Calibration Facility in El Segundo, California. This facility is open 24/7 all year round, so get a calibration quote and contact them anytime. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Testing in Peace: Traffic Control Services

Our focus on quality materials testing extends to providing the safety we need to conduct your tests. JILS provides traffic control options during FWD and HWD tests. We have people to protect us while we test asphalt and concrete, further making it easier to make sure your roads are ready for traffic.

JILS provides the FWD and HWD solutions you need. Simply call to confirm our availability.

+1 310 322 1920
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