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The Global Choice for Pavement Engineering

Need help ensuring the quality of your pavement engineering? Pavement evaluation using JILS Falling Weight Deflectometers allows local and international end users to determine the life of the pavement and to budget for the desired life in a non-destructive manner. Testing procedures and traffic control in California follow CTM 356 and 80% percentile. We bring that same degree of certainty to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South America, and Europe.

However, mechanistic back-analysis can utilize all the sensors giving in-situ modulus for each layer of the pavement leading to forward overlay analysis for pavement rehab, life analysis, and budgetary metrics.

Is Your Asphalt Bearing Capacity Measuring Up? Trust JILS to Find Out

From concrete fatigue to asphalt bearing capacity, JILS is committed to delivering top quality results across the globe. Our purpose is our passion, and our services are designed to help you manage your budgets and timelines flawlessly.

Our Purpose: Through a strategic partnership with Dr. Shakir Shatnawi, we are actively building our highly professional services to effectively assist our clients. Since the design, evaluation and management of highway and airport pavements is complex, we are combining our expertise to provide the best professional service. We pride ourselves of having assembled a great team of highly qualified experts to provide satisfaction of our clients.

Our Services: The Strategic Partnership provides a wide range of highway and airport engineering services including field testing, pavement design and analysis, pavement rehabilitation, life cycle cost analysis, pavement maintenance and preservation, failure investigations, assessment and evaluations, condition surveys, research, performance related specifications, pavement management systems, pavement testing, transportation asset management, traffic control plans, technology transfer and training.

Asphalt Testing, from California to You

The Strategic Partnership of JILS and Dr. Shatnawi have provided concrete and asphalt testing and design for highways and airports. We have gone beyond traditional approaches to innovative mechanistic designs and finite element analysis within our pavement engineering services. We have developed complete design and analysis on major freeways and highways with specific design requirements.

Below are the other services JLS can provide through the Strategic Partnership. Call us today for any assistance with the following:

  • Pavement Rehabilitation: The Strategic Partnership engineers have an extensive experience in highway and airport pavement rehabilitation. Our experts have worked in highway agencies and private industry and have developed the expertise on a wide range of rehabilitation strategies for asphalt and concrete pavements.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis: The Strategic Partnership provides life cycle cost analysis for a wide range of highway and airport pavement design and rehabilitation strategies including overlays, new designs and maintenance treatments. Our approach considers variability of material cost, construction cost, discount rates, and user cost, as well as pavement performance and maintenance and rehabilitation schedules.
  • Maintenance and Preservation: The Strategic Partnership engineers have developed maintenance and preservation guidelines and specifications for various agencies. We can tailor a pavement preservation program with the optimum timing for each pavement strategy based on optimum cost and performance life. We are experts at developing and implementing extensive highway quality management systems.
  • Condition Surveys: Our condition survey teams have assembled pavement condition information on many projects. The Strategic Partnership provides on-call services and develops the most suitable condition survey programs. Condition surveys provide data for both network-level pavement management systems and project-level rehabilitation studies. We have utilized many agency methods as well as the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) method, and the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) procedure.
  • Pavement Research: The Strategic Partnership engineers are pioneers in highway and airport pavement research and technology. They are leaders in the latest research endeavors. Our team expertise is shown from the many technical reports and presentations. We have had extensive involvement and experience in the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), accelerated pavement testing (APT), material performance testing (fatigue, permanent deformation, thermal cracking, and moisture sensitivity), ground water effects, binder characteristics (polymer modified and asphalt rubber), pavement management systems, maintenance, construction, design and rehabilitation.
  • Performance-Related Specifications: The Strategic Partnership engineers are experts in the development of performance related specifications on a wide range of highway and airport pavement projects. This includes the development of project special provisions, material sampling and testing plans, and performance related pay factors and bonuses.
  • Pavement Management: The Strategic Partnership engineers have been successful in developing a pavement management programs for primary and secondary highway systems. Our team has performed pavement management systems for public agencies. We have developed pavement preservation programs from the network level through the project level including the optimization of maintenance and rehabilitation strategies. Our team has developed multi-year pavement management plans to help agencies justify and allocate annual funding based on the prioritization of actual performance needs.
  • Technology Transfer and Training: The Strategic Partnership engineers have been industry leaders and in the forefront in transferring pavement technology to our clients. The Strategic Partnership can provide the technical tools and provide the necessary training for many agency engineers and scientists. JILS Strategic Partnership provides customized courses to our clients on a wide range of engineering topics. Courses have covered, but will not limited to, pavement design procedures, rehabilitation techniques, distress identification, deflection analysis, materials testing, asphalt mix design, maintenance methods, finite element methods, construction techniques, airport design, and life cycle cost analysis.
  • Traffic Control Plans: The strategic Partnership has extensive expertise in the development of Traffic Control Plans in compliance with the national Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Our staff have implemented and monitored numerous Traffic Control Plans to ensure the safety of workers and the motorist public on numerous projects. We have provided investigations and consultations on the proper implementation of Traffic Control Plans.
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