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ACN-PCN TESTING FOR RUNWAYS in California and Beyond

JILS doesn't just offer our FWD products for sale and own-use— we also offer testing for roads or airfields in Southern California and beyond. JILS has been a major name in the visual survey, road testing, and ACN-PCN business for more than 50 years after we became independently owned in 1969. With BBB certification, award-winning products, USA manufacturing, and raving client reviews to boot, it's obvious why JILS continues to innovate when it comes to everything pavement. FWD/HWD road and runway testing is simply one of those services that has demonstrated our knowledge and abilities.

We here at JILS believe in being the one-stop shop when it comes to your road, airport, and port authority testing and analysis needs. We help with coring, traffic control, material testing, deflection testing, and GPR surveys. Utilizing JILS' FWD testing means that you get not only our expertise when it comes to analysis, but also the products that have won us best in the industry. Whether your situation calls for our JILS-20-FWD or a separate HWD product, we calibrate and run tests for you that will give you all the data you need to optimize your site’s longevity and safety.


JILS is a leading expert in airport runway design, testing, and analysis for airways across the country. Airplanes, cargo trucks, and other heavy equipment on runways and roads at airports can tax pavement heavily. That's why heavy weight deflectometer testing is incredibly important to ensure that runways stay free of cracks and major flaws. Using our technical expertise, JILS will help collect the data and perform Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement testing and design. Non-destructive testing such as HWD and FWD, which use radar and other senses to provide in-depth layer analysis, is a great way to save money and help reduce taxes on the constituents.

For Top-Tier Road and Airport Testing, Call Now!

Contact JILS today to speak to one of our representatives about scheduling road, port, or airport testing. Our team of engineers can help put together a budget for testing and necessary rehabilitation that works for you and solves all of your design needs as soon as possible.

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